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STEM-Based dropout prevention

About Star

Star Academy targets 8th and 9th grade transition students to re-engage and succeed.
Every nine seconds, a student will drop out of school.

The Star Academy is an effective, award-winning dropout prevention solution. Designed to serve at-risk students, the Star Academy ensures that each student has the opportunity to experience success. This solution provides an accelerated program of core instruction for overage students who are at a high risk of dropping out of school, enabling them to earn up to two years of credits in a single year and giving them an opportunity to rejoin their peers and get back on track to graduate from high school. The Star Academy Program effectively reengages students through a rigorous progression of instruction that incorporates hands-on learning, individualized instruction, cooperative learning, team-based instruction, and real-world career connections. Students achieve academic success, develop leadership and communication skills, and ultimately experience a positive change in attitude toward themselves and their future.

  • Program Completion Rate

    Overall completion rate for all Star Academies since 2005

  • Pass rate on math assessment

    Spring ISD, TX, completers passing the math assessment, 2014-15

  • Program completer acceleration

    George County, MS, completers advancing two grade levels, 2014-15

  • Returning enrollment

    Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD, TX, completers enrolling the following academic year, 2013-14

Dropout Prevention

The Star Academy is nationally recognized as one of the most effective dropout prevention solutions in the country.


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